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Here it is! The cover for my newest comic book in the Hollow’s Prism series: “REUNION!”


I am gearing up for the release of this next issue in the ongoing series. Release date will be posted soon so keep an eye out for future posts! Check out a summary of REUNION below!


Salia and her brother have fled their homeworld, which has been claimed by the invading Chears.

They are on their way to a new world–one untouched by Chear control.

But a news broadcast about a group of rebels reveals someone from Salia’s past–

someone she’s never met, but who changed everything.

Will Salia finally meet the woman who saved her life?

(cover art by Conrad Teves)



That’s right! To celebrate the upcoming release of my new comic, HOLLOW’S PRISM #2 “Reunion”, I’m giving away a FREE copy! All you have to do is like my new publishing company page on FACEBOOK: Green-Eyed Unicorn Comics and you’ll be entered to win! Contest ends May 1st. Good luck!

And thanks for your support!!


PS–Don’t have a Facebook account? DON’T WORRY! If you comment on this page that you want to be entered, you’ll be added! If you comment on this page AND like the Facebook page for Green-Eyed Unicorn Comics, you’ll be entered twice!


PPS- Stay tuned for the reveal of the cover for “Reunion” and its official launch date!!



Okay. I don’t mean eating a McDonald’s sandwich while drinking a Burger King shake or wearing Nike’s while wearing an Adidas sweatshirt. In the writing world, your “brand” determines what type of author you in: basically, what type of books you write.

Now a lot of writers write one type of book, like horror, scifi, memoir, crime fiction, etc. They build up an audience and then write more books in that area.

Then the writer thinks “gee, it would be swell if I could write a DIFFERENT type of book! Nothing wrong with that, right??”


I discovered that it’s actually frowned upon by the publishing community.

“But I have a fan base!”

True… except in the eyes of a publisher, your fan base is only in the area that you usually write.

For example, I write science fiction, but I also have written a detective novel as well. The publishing world believes that my scifi fans will only follow me if I write scifi, because that’s what they like.

From a publishing point of view, it makes sense.

So how does an author get around this?

There are a few things a writer can do.

1) Write under a different name for each genre.

2) Self publish your new books.

3) Try to find a publisher willing to work with you based on your work, not your fanbase.

These may not seem like the fairest of options, but to someone whose job it is to sell your work, they need to make sure they are doing their job the best they can.

Or is it all just a bunch of b.s. and they should just publish your stuff?!

I personally don’t have a problem with using multiple names (for example, I already sing under the name “Renee Kole” and plan to publish my children’s books under a different name tbd). But maybe that’s just because my fanbase isn’t in Stephen King’s range. Yet. :)

What do YOU think? Do you think publisher’s should be happy that author’s want to cross brands? Or does it seem fair that they only want to represent the works they know will sell?


(*photo courtesy of fineartamerica)


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